Store Management

Sales and inventory Management system for Multi brand retail organizations allowing to control sales flow, goods movement, stock/inventory and provide financial data management
InShop is convenient system consisting of different modules, which allow to manage sales procedures, control goods movement and stock status, plan goods purchasing. It also provides comprehensive administration and reporting features and marketing tools for sales and purchase optimization.
InShop works with Microsoft SQL database management, which provides additional durability and security. There’s a permanent synchronization between server part installed at HQ or operation center and client part installed at retail points and warehouses.
Synchronization and replication can be done on instant basis - in this case client part needs to connect to server for each action and if there are internet connection problems client part won’t work - as well as on periodic sync sessions with selected frequency: once in a hour or once in 3 hours, for example, and in this case there’s no need for continuous internet connection, however changes made at client part will be reflected at server with certain delay.
InShop allows to control all processes and if required check employees activity for certain operations. It also provides different options of goods stocktaking at inventory by setting different parameters (filters).
CRM tool gives opportunity to send promo and other information to clients, control their activities and ease customer relations process. InShop also can be integrated with customers’ loyalty program of the organisation.
Mobile terminals module accelerates goods acceptance and release processes, inventory audit, delivery and other documents printing and etc. Modularity gives opportunity to connect different departments and processes of sales organization and create unified platform for data processing and accounting.
Notification system makes managers and company principals job even more comfortable and efficient.
Creation different reports providing full picture of organization activitiy and analysis with working out plans for future – another distinctive feature of InShop as well as all other software products of Nova.Net.
InShop – universal competitive outstanding one-stop solution for large retail organizations with multi-outlet network and sales organizations with possibility for customization upon client’s requirements.