Restaurant / Cafe Automation

Restaurant / Cafe management system InResto designed to ease and automatize ordering, preparation, billing and other business procedures of public food provider entities – café, restaurant and similar.

BackOffice provides dishes proper cost calculation, products inventory, products movement, purchase control and large variety of reports (product, dish, activity and time related) what makes InResto lovely tool for any restaurant, café, bar manager. InResto gives you opportunity to create and design menu in convenient for you format and order, allowing to add dish photos and small description of each of them. InResto also provides ability to manage tables’ disposition in hall (or halls) with indication of number of seating places at each table.

And same time all information and data (menu dishes and prices, tables locations) can be changed by authorized person at any time. You can also create special banquet/party sets of dishes with special prices, apply discounts to loyal customers, include service charge to bills (as % of total order value), split bills between customers at same table and etc. InResto has interactive communication options between employees – for example, waiter or administrator can make notes for kitchen along with order, also there is a notifications and reminders tool.

InResto can be integrated with existing Customer Loyalty Support program and allow marketing/PR to choose different types of promo and incentives for customers with further automatic distribution of that information by SMS or e-mailing. BackOffice module makes dishes cost calculation accordingly to preliminarily prepared so-called “technology cards” (each dish ingredients list with qty/weight), control inventory, food and drinks movement (from stock to kitchen or bar or other part), purchase control and also has wide choice of possible reports for detailed and informative analysis of restaurant activity.

As well as other Nova.Net products InResto works with Microsoft SQL as database management platform, what add extra durability and security of data. InResto gives same option as InOtel and some other products – you can connect different outlets and control and manage all of them from one point. In case of hotel restaurants InResto can be integrated into one unified system using same database with InOtel and InCard (if there’s a gym/fitness).